What is the difference between Analog and Digital programming?

Analog cable does not require a digital receiver box, but only provides a basic channel lineup with no upgradeable options. Digital Cable allows for HD channels, DVR service, Upgradeable Packages, Premium Channels, Interactive Content, and much more!

What is HD Programming?

HDTV is a new system of television that improves broadcast picture quality up to 10 times better than standard definition. HDTV features increased lines of resolution and an improved aspect ratio (relationship of width:height): 16:9 as opposed to the 4:3 ratio of conventional screens.

With Digital programming will every TV need a Digital Receiver?


How to see basic analog programming on your television:

Press the setup or menu button, look for "channels" and select "cable". Then look for "channel scan", "channel search" or "autoscan". Run the scan and then turn your TV off and back on again.

What if I buy an advanced receiver like an HD receiver or a DVR receiver? Is there a contract?

All advanced receivers come with a 12 month contract starting from the date of activation. If you cancel your contract or move out a month early, it will be a $20.00 charge. If you move out 2 months early, the charge would be $40.00 and so on.

Will the cost of my receiver be billed to me or my association?

Billed to resident