Programming FAQ

Programming FAQ

What's a receiver?

It is the box that allows you to view your television and get DIRECTV or DISH programming.

What's the difference between Digital and High Definition programming?

A digital receiver (sometimes called a tuner) serves as the decoder required to receive and display digital broadcasts. It is capable of converting a TV which was manufactured to transmit programming in analog to digital programming. Digital programming is a broadcast signal which transmits a higher quality signal which provides a picture with more clarity than analog.

What is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR)?

A device that allows you to record your favorite TV programs, and stores it onto a hard disk in a digital format; thereby eliminating the need for video cassette tapes. It also allows you to pause live TV without losing any programming, and fast forward through recorded segments at your discretion.

Can I add to my programming package after my installation?

Yes, call DIRECTV at 800-531-5000. A Customer Service Representative will be happy to help you add or select any additions you choose.

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