Choosing the right speed for you

How to Choose the Best Internet Speed for Your Needs

Whether you spend your time on the Internet sending e-mail, downloading music, playing online games or streaming videos, we have a variety of plans to ensure you're connected to the Web with an Internet plan that meets both your speed and budget needs. Here are a few basic pointers to help you choose the speed that’s right for you:

  • Please note that speeds recommended here are per device. Laptops, tablets, smartphones, video devices, gaming systems and more, each count as one device. You'll have to choose a higher speed in order to power all of these devices at once without issues.
  • Sharing Internet with other users will also require additional bandwidth (higher speed). 
  • Calculate the number of users times the number of devices times the recommended speed per device, to get your recommended speed
Recommended Speed Per Device  
Surf online 2 Mbps
Check email 2 Mbps
Upload photos 2 Mpbs 
Stream video 3 Mbps 
Netflix 6 Mbps 
Hulu 6 Mbps 
Choosing the right speed for you
  • Once you calculate your speed needs, choose the speed package just above your lowest needs.  For example, you calculate that you need 45 Mbps; choose the 50 Mbps package.
  • Very important: Installing a wireless router can slow down your Internet speed.  In order to accurately test your AM3 speed, plug your Ethernet cable directly into your computer, then proceed with a speed test.