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Service Value Plan

Access Media 3 now proudly offers a Service Value Plan eliminating any concerns about being charged additional service fees. For a low monthly fee of $4.99 our Service Value Plan will provide comprehensive coverage for service and repair technician visits to your home for our tv, internet and phone services. Plan requires a 12 month minimum on account.

Plan Coverage Includes:

• Unlimited service and repair calls for TV, internet or phone services.

• Replacement or repair of faulty inside wiring directly related to the service it provides

• Replacement of defective or faulty equipment covered under warranty

• Maintenance and repair to equipment or services due to unintentional customer caused malfunction.

• Maintenance and repair of all AM3 equipment and network.

• Service calls that result in customer education

• Verifying network connections

• Damage not caused directly by customer such as issues at the property or outside interferences that result in issues with service.


Plan Does Not Include:

• Installation of new outlets or services

• Voluntary equipment swaps

• Equipment drop off and retrieval

• Missed appointment charges

• Deliberate or negligent damage to wiring or equipment caused by customer.

• Repair or connection of customer owned equipment such as TV, DVD players, etc.

• Setting up a home wifi network

• Custom work such as drilling, wall fishing, tacking and wiring along the baseboard in unit.